Saturday, October 10, 2009

She is three THREE! It seems like we've had her forever, though. And I mean that in a good way. In a "you-are-so-woven-into-the-fabric-of-my-very-being-I-can't-imagine-life-without-you" way.
Sadie is such a sweet, sweet girl. Rarely is she a handful, but rather a helping hand. Smart and curious, focused and thoughtful, filled with life. Lately, she's into making funny faces.She's also into "treasures." Treasures = anything shiny, small, and capable of fitting into a box that she can tote around and, to anyone who listens, proudly display her bobbles and trinkets. We took her to "the birthday store" (as she refers to it since its the toy store we frequent for friend's and family's birthday gifts) to pick out her present. Sadie, you see, rather help make the cake or pick out the present rather than simply eat the cake or rip into the paper wrapped gift. Here she is showing me a "treasure" (ring) she picked up in the toy store.

I love this store! They are so kid friendly and encourage the kids to play with the toys and explore the store. Jack found this awesome shopping cart. Its built EXACTLY like the buggies you'd find in a real grocery store...heavy metal, sturdy, swiveling front wheels.

Here's another Funny Face!
Sadie picked out a microphone the other day for her cousin Addison's birthday (which she shares with Sadie). She couldn't stop talking about it so guess what one of her gifts was...
They have a great train set up for the kids to play with at the store. Sadie L.O.V.E.S trains. Too bad a train set is super expensive. One day Sadie, one day.
Jammie, KK, and Kyle sent Sadie a package today. She was so excited to open it by herself and even frowned a little when I had to cut the taped box with a steak knife. I had to be super careful not to knick her anxious little fingers that kept creeping their way back to the box as I worked at opening it. Inside, there were all sorts of "treasures!" Bowls, place mats, a cell phone, color sticks, CDs, and oodles of cute clothes.
I'd say it was a pretty happy birthday for our little Sadie bug. I tried to celebrate her in every moment today...give a little here, give a little there, let a few things slide (like ice cream before dinner and staying up past bedtime). I'm so proud of her. And look forward to watching and helping her grow into a 4 year old.