Monday, January 18, 2010

Lessons on emotions

Sitting at the kitchen table feeding Jack.  Sadie walks in and climbs on top of a chair in a cowgirl skirt and a big black bow in her hair:
"Are you hungry, Sadie?"
" Nahhhh...I'm not hungry, I'm disappointed."
I'm caught off guard by such a grand articulation from my tiny 3 year old.
"Why are you disappointed, Sadie."
"Because I can't play with my toys."
"You can play with your toys, baby."
"I can't do it because I need to get in the hop-tub."
Apparently, Sadie wanted to go swimming, but it was too cold so she set her heart upon the "hop-tub."

Standing at the sink, washing dishes.  Sadie walks in and hides behind my leg. She's twisting her feet and leaning against the cabinet below the sink.  Her face is drooped into what my daddy calls a "puppy dog face."

"What's the matter, Sadie?"
"I'm sad."
"Why are you sad?"
"Because my daddy makes me sad."
" did daddy make you sad?"
"Because he make me sad and he's not my best friend."
"Who's your best friend?"
"Daddy not my best friend anymore."
"Daddy's not your best friend?"
"No. He won't let me have the ball and he's not my best friend.  My heart is broke."
I peer into the living room and see Jared laying on the floor tossing a ball into the air.
"Jared! You better let Sadie play with that ball! You broke her heart and she says you're not her best friend anymore!"
He chuckled in amusement and called out to Sadie, who played ball for a few minutes and then snuggled next to him on the floor.