Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Favorite part of the day.

I like TV. Most people consider that to be lowbrow, but I can't help it. I mean, I love to read and listen to classical music, and attend the theatre, and go to art museums, and write poetry too, but sometimes I just want my brain to be sucked out by good ole' american TV. I do NOT, however, like the commercials and its nearly impossible to catch every luscious moment of dry wit during 30 Rock with two children begging for your attention. So, thus enters my favorite part of the day (or night). The part where Jared and I put our kids in their cages beds and plug our laptop into our big beautiful TV and watch our favorite TV shows off the internet; the ones we missed while cleaning up poo, cooking dinner, and bathing babies. 

For my birthday, I bought myself an extra large, super soft throw for the couch.  I nuzzle into the corner of the sectional with said cuddly throw, sometimes a yummy treat, and my sweet hubby.  I'm giddy with excitement and anticipation.  What sort of inappropriate HR nightmare will Michael Scott get himself into this episode? How manipulatively crass will House be as he attempts to properly diagnose a medical mystery? When will Mr. Shue find out that his wife is faking her pregnancy?  SHHHHH!!! Its starting!

And then, ::thump, thump, thump::
"Do you hear that?"
"No. That was me tapping my foot on the couch."
"No. Sadie's awake."
"Well go check on her, then." I say, slightly annoyed at the interruption of my brain sucking session.
I feel bad that I'm annoyed so I follow Jared up the stairs just to make sure Sadie's okay.
She's got the light on, toys on her bed, and she's reading to herself.  My heart smiles and projects itself onto my face.  Jared and I look at each other beaming and head back downstairs.

We start the shows again.  A little later I hear "MAAAAAMAAAAAAAA!"  The shows are over now.
I run up the stairs and see Sadie.  "POOOO POOOO! I gotta go POO POO!!"
We go to the bathroom, handle up on business, and Jared returns her to her room while I shut things down in the kitchen.  I head up the stairs to hear laughter.  Jared and Sadie are tucked into her little bed talking and laughing.  I decide to join them and wiggle my way through the covers and jam myself between the wall and my Sadie bug. 
"Mama, you want to cuddle with me?"
"I gonna be the choo choo train and we gonna go to the tunnel, right Mama?"
"Sure, Sadie!"
"Choo choooooooo"
She's smiling because she's smooshed in a love and adoration sandwich. Jared and I can't help but smile and exchange glances back and fourth when Sadie does or says something cute. 
"I love your eyebrows, Mama."
"Well, I love your nose, and your eyes, and your hair," I list off, "and your lips, and your hands, and your feet..."
"And my boogers? You love my boogers, Mama?"
We roar in laughter as we answer.
Jared says "Eweeee...boogers. No, silly."
I say "Yes, Sadie. I love your boogers too."
Somehow the thought of not loving even this child's boogers makes me feel sad.  I mean it.  I love every piece of her.  Even her boogers.  And if one day Jack asks me about his boogers, I'll tell him the same.  I love every bit of you.  EVEN the boogers.

Come to find out, my favorite part of the day isn't really my favorite part at all.  My favorite parts are all the parts that I get to love and be loved by my little family.  Nothing on TV can beat that.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There were three less people in our family last time Jared and I went to California for a visit back in 2006. Its hard to believe Sadie, Addison, and Jack were mere wishful thinking at the time.

Uncle Dale and Aunt Laura flew us out to visit them (and finally meet Addison!) in September. Anyone who has known me for a while has most likely heard stories of my summer/winter visits to California. And if you were listening, you probably figured out that those summers/winters hold some of the best memories of my life. Everyone should have happy places that they can retreat to and find refuge from the storms of everyday life. I am fortunate to have a couple of safe harbors where I can be myself despite any shortcoming, personality flaw, or failure. My family in California is one of my "happy places."

While there, we did lots of fun things. Of course, we didn't go there for the fun, we went there to spend time with our family. It doesn't hurt that they live in a place I'd call paradisaical, but i'd visit them if they lived in hell or even somewhere like the westbank of New Orleans (aka hell).

One of the first things we did was to visit a farm. I forgot the name, but the name didn't matter. This place was so cool! It was a working farm and you could buy what they grow at a little open-aired market at the front entrance. The pumpkins weren't up for show for a few days, but feeding the animals kept us plenty busy. Here, Jack is enjoying a pony ride.

Sadie, however, did NOT enjoy the pony. At all. Not. one. bit.
I love John Deere tractors. Not for any practical reasons, but more so for the image of being a cowgirl workin' the farm. This comes from a girl who once pointed out a horse that turned out to be a sheep. Here we see two cowgirls (Addison and Aunt Laura) workin' the farm on a mini John Deere.

Two of my cousins, Lexi and Addison.

Speaking of "fun things, Uncle Dale let Jared go for a ride in this thing. I think it goes 0 to 60 in like 3 seconds. We went to the Santa Barbara zoo while we were there. It was small, but BEAUTIFUL. The weather was perfect...not too hot, not too cold, blue skies...pacific ocean on one side, mountains on the other. They even had spa-like music playing in the background. We were able to get up close to most of the animals. Here are my two favorite monkeys:Sadie and Addison were great buddies. Where one was, the other followed. If one left, the other missed her. The air conditioning vents are in the floor of my aunt and uncle's house. Sadie thought this was quite amusing. Sadie really enjoys being outside. She'd take Addison's watering can and "water her garden" in the back yard.Jack liked to water the dogs.
We also took a trip to Disney while we were there. My cousin Cait goes to school near by and she met us there.
Little Minnie.This was the pinnacle of of the whole day. We stood in line for a very, very, long time because I knew it would be worth it to her.Waiting in line for Finding Nemo. L.A. was around 101 degrees that day, which is unusual. San Antonio was unusually cool. Of course, that's how it works, right?
Jack was pooped by the end of the day. This is how he rolled out of Disney.
It was a wonderful trip that felt waaaay too short. It took me a couple of weeks to shake the "sad to be home" blues. Thankfully, Uncle Dale, Aunt Laura, and Addison are coming to visit us here in San Antonio soon. Knowing that helped.
I'm breaking the drought. Too many thoughts have gone unwritten out of fear that they aren't good enough to be shared. When did I forget that this is MY blog and I write it in for ME and not to please anyone? But I do. I do try to write to please. So then I don't write at all.