Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was so proud of myself. Our computer needed a new home. The desk we had been using had fallen a part a bit with every move and was outgrown by our needs. After searching for a while, I found a desk on Walmart.com that I liked a lot. When I went to the store, I found the last box and to my disappointment it looked like it had been dropped off of the truck. After talking to the department manager, I snagged this desk for $50 bucks cheaper than the original price. Now, putting it together wasn't as good of a deal. It took my darling husband around 9 hours to complete the project. Before you think he's mechanically challenged, realize that every single review on the Wal-Mart website...even the ones who gave the desk high remarks, complained that the desk took anywhere between 6 to 12 hours to assemble. I told hubby this before committing to the desk. He was so excited about saving the money, he said it was worth his time.

A "J" for Jack! You know how each piece is labled to facilitate assembly? Jack happened to find the "J" sticker and somehow got it on his forehead.

Speaking of Jack.... He's almost 11 months old. Good grief, what happened? Did I not just push him into the world like, yesterday? He's got two teeth (and 4 all bursting forth at once it seems), is walking more and more, and has a temperament unique from his sister's. Where as Sadie seemed to be more focused, more intense, and cautious; Jack is our energetic, outgoing, quick- to- act boy. He's more tactile and aggressive than Sadie. Everything goes in the mouth and nothing is off limits to what he'll pull, grab, or touch (unfortunately toilets, poop, and his sister's hair are his favorites). Though he has a happy nature, he knows what he wants and is very outspoken and demonstrative of his disappointment if he is denied his wants. Lucky for me, he's pretty easy going and gets over it fast.

I marvel at how he and Sadie delight in the little things and I am proud of their curiosity. An empty yogurt container and a few bowls with lids became a drum set for them yesterday and rarely can I get through a book without Sadie asking "what's that?" and pointing. Both Sadie and Jack have a way of loving me despite my inability to have boundless patience and teach me everyday what is most important...and its not the baking soda spilled all over the floor, or the unfolded mountains of laundry, or the limitless lists of "to-dos." Its to play, learn, love, and laugh. When I forget this, I get a kiss, or a smile, or a hug, or a "hold me, Mommy" and I come out of my head and into my heart and realize that life couldn't be more perfect. Its the hardest job i've ever had, but I love being a mama.

Catching up with pictures.

Back in May, we took a trip home to Baton Rouge. Jenny and Mike were nice enough to let us stay with them. Of all my friends, I've known Jenny the longest. Walking into her and Mike's house was like instant comfort.

Laura came over to Jenny's to visit with us. We had such a busy weekend, but our friends were great about helping us see everyone by coming to us or meeting us somewhere.
See what I mean? This is Aaron and Lisa's house. Holly and Joel popped over (on their anniversary!!! how sweet!) after dinner and a full day of graduations and company. Laura came by earlier in the night with Ryan after work and before their date. I don't know what Jenn and Markus, Jamie and Joey, or Lisa and Aaron had going on that weekend, but I know they're busy people and they all stopped by! It meant a lot to me to see everyone.

I was trying to get one with all the babies. Jenn's holding Jack, Lisa with her cute little guy Grey, Allison is next to Lisa, Jamie holding Sara, Sadie's up front.
"Hey Jack, I got this toy that's really cool. You wanna play?"
Born weeks apart, these three were playing together like most babies their age don't.
The whole "excuse" for the trip was for Matt's (Jared's best friend) graduation from Law School and I didn't get one picture!! I'm so disappointed! After the graduation, we had lunch at Ninfa's with all of his family and friends. Like I said, not ONE picture! What was I thinking?!

It was a fantastic weekend. The only thing we regretted was not being able to see everyone. It felt like a crime to be in the same city with people that feel like family to us and that we love dearly, but not being able to see them. Maybe next time?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Overheard in Florida

Here are a few things I remember hearing over the two weeks I spent with my family in Florida.

"You so sweet, you make my teeth fall out!" - Mimi while talking to Sadie in the car on the way to chinese restaurant.

"That's so cute! Gotta buy it!" - Sadie refering to clothes while shopping at Wal-Mart with Mama, Jammie, and Mimi.

"Oh my gosh...that's...like...from a human!" - Kyle upon seeing the monsterous raisin-laden poo Jack deposited in his diaper.

"His head is so pretty. Its nice and round." - Grandma Walden complementing Jack.

"Look at his big head...I bet he got brains in there!...He got pointy ear like Spock. He gonna be success!" - Mimi, refering to Jack.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Don't you know I'm Oriental?!" - Mimi, telling me how clean her floors are.

"Be a good girl!" - Sadie to mimi as we were leaving to drive back to San Antonio.

"He's like....a mini Jared that's portable." - Kevin in reference to Jack looking like Jared.

"This little piggie went to wal-mart, this little piggie stayed home..." Daddy's nursery rhyme to Jack.

"I strapped the tape recorder to my leg."- Papa telling me about how he recorded his missions in Vietnam to present to Washington DC while pioneering infrared technology as a pilot.

"I feel like I'm laying out." - Mama telling me why she doesn't mind driving around in a car without air conditioning in Florida.

"Whatever you feel like you need to tell yourself to accept your current situation." Me telling Mama what I thought about her reasoning for the aformentioned comment.

Monday, June 15, 2009

my heart stretched across the coast

For the past week I've been in Florida with the kids visiting my family while poor lonely Jared has been at home in San Antonio studying for some test with initials that I always mess up. C.R.L.P.C? C.P.R.P.? C.S.I.? Anyway...he's supposed to take it in July.

Kevin flew one way to San Antonio and drove with me and the kids so I wouldn't have to go alone. It was nice to have that 12 hour drive to talk and catch up. I can't imagine what sort of institution they would have had to bring me to if I had to make that drive alone with the kids. Having someone to talk to just makes the trip go by so much faster. I have missed Kevin. I tried not to take for granted the time we had when we were living together, but so often failed to appreciate the moment we were in.

Since we've been here, things have gone pretty smooth. Daddy is in from Iraq and we're spending more time together than we have in a long time. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese a few times, played at a water park, and brought the babies to Blackwater River when Grandma Walden visited from Mississippi. So far, we've eaten at two gross chinese buffets, but picked up some yummy food at the oriental food store. Mimi took me shopping and bought me my dress for Lori's wedding next week. I took Mama shopping and scored a great 80% off sale at Hobby Lobby and decorated her living room. Papa's birthday was today so we celebrated with german chocolate cake. Sadie made a card and was so excited for papa's birthday she couldn't wait to give him his gift - straight out of the JCPenny bag I bought it in!

Sadie is completely excited to be here with Mimi and Papa, Jammie and JJ, KK and Kyle. I feel sad thinking of how she will miss them all when we leave next week. I remember that feeling when I was little. The hallow feeling that follows the good bye after a good time with the people you love. I don't think I've out grown it.

Jared will fly here in 10 hours. We'll head straight to the beach for a mini family vacation. On Sunday we'll come back to Mimi and Papa's - tired and sunburned- and enjoy our final day here on Monday. Tuesday will be a rough day for me. With every state line my heart will wrench a little more. There will be tears; and of course, a 12 hour drive home.

My sadness will be tempered, though. This trip is the first trip that will bring me home to MY house. How sweet it will be to be with my husband in our home again; making suppers, chasing babies, waiting for him to come home from work, feeling him breathe next to me in our bed.
*Sigh* Why does my heart have to be stretched across the Gulf Coast?