Saturday, January 2, 2010

roadtrip: its not all kicking and screaming


Lori Leaumont said...

Lucky you, you have well behaved kids to be so happy on a roadtrip! Sorry I never answered your message about the package, btw. Glad they enjoyed the cookies, and you finally got your honey:D

The Awesome Rawsons said...

hahahah....this was the 4th 13 hour drive I had taken with the kids in a month. I didn't post about the 14 hour drive where both kids screamed for at least 10 kidding. This trip was a relief. My mom got us portable DVD players and I stocked up on their favorite shows. That's why they're "well behaved". What you don't see is the DVD player in front of them!

Jamie said...

Don't you almost feel like you're cheating because the DVD players work so well. It's like you go from absolute misery to peace and quiet and it just seems too easy. Unfortunately Allison kicked hers a few too many times and it broke (it only lasted a couple of months). It was the clam shell kind. Next time we're definitely getting the dual screen kind.
Hope y'all had a nice Christmas!

Lexi said...

Road trips? What's that?! :-)

You lucky duck you! I'm fortunate if Peyton doesn't scream and cry just driving to the grocery store.

Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the New Year!