Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i'm gonna put a hexagon on you

I popped open a bag of multigrain chips on the way home from Costco. From the back seat, Sadie asked me for a "hexagon" chip.

At the risk of letting you see my stupid sign, i'm gonna go ahead and tell you that I didn't know what a hexagon is.

First I said:
"no...that's an octagon."
Then I thought:
It looks like a stop sign. wait. no. octagon is eight. stopsigns are octagons. (I drew a stopsign in my mind) this has six. Is it a hexagon? Is hexagon a real word? Sounds like some voodoo curse you put on someone. Maybe I shouldn't tell her one way or the other. I don't want to confuse her. Why don't I know this? And more importantly, why and how does she?

I thought quietly for the rest of the drive home from Costco. Sadie munched on hummus and "hexagon chips" in the back seat. "This is good hexagon chips, Mama." she chirped.

Later that day, I was walking with friends and I just had to ask.
"Emily? How many sides does a hexagon have?"
"Wow. she (sadie) knows what a hexagon is and I don't."

I told Jared:
"Jared, Sadie called these 'hexagon' chips."
I held up the hectagonally shaped chip.
"Yep. That's my girl! I taught her that." He beamed.
I looked at him sheepishly. "I thought they were octagons at first."
He slapped his forehead with his hand and chuckled.
"Ohhh..." He smiled at me with teasing eyes "Sadie is smarter than Mama!"

I sure hope she's smarter than me.


Lexi said...

Ok, I laughed out loud- not at you but because it sounds like something I would totally think and/or do!

I'm always asking Troy about fractions and if he's not around, sometimes I have to draw a diagram on paper to figure out what half of 3/4 is and I always feel silly doing it but I have to!

Way to go Sadie for learning your shapes so early!

And don't feel too bad Courtney- there is so much {information} to know out there that we can't possible even tap the surface- that's why it's good that we teach each other!

See, she's already teaching you new things! ;-)

Karlee said...

Okay that is HILARIOUS!!! But I must say that I would have been caught of guard and would have had to think about that twice for sure! What kid knows what a hexagon is?!? Look at your smart little Sadie! This is the kind of stuff that makes me nervous as kids start getting older because I'm afraid they'll learn ALOT of stuff that I've forgotten....

Jamie said...

I really laughed out loud, too. I laughed at the part where Jared said that he was the one that taught that to her. That is SO something that would happen at our house! Way to go Sadie. What a smart girl. One day you'll be telling her, "it's no wonder you are so smart/make such good grades - you knew what a hexagon was at two!"

Holly said...

Wow, she is such a smart girl, and amazing that she even remembered how to pronounce it properly. Kailey likes to throw p's into new words.

Emily said...

Ha! So it was Jared! You need to one up Jared and teach her a septagon (7 sided) or nonagon (9 sided)! :)