Thursday, December 4, 2008

My personal court jester

Living with a two year old is sort of like living with a tiny practical joker... or a prankster... or maybe a court jester. You never know what you're going to find waiting for you when you come around the corner. You might find your favorite makeup brush used to clean the toilet. Or perhaps she will have painted the walls with your blush. Maybe she will slather herself in butt paste and wake you from your much needed nap. All of the wipes and diapers could be strewn about everywhere or she might get into the pantry and pull out all of your canned goods and hide them under the bed so when you go to use the tomato paste (that you KNOW you have) you can't find it, thereby ruining dinner. Whatever it might be, its always messy, sometimes tragic (when a beloved possession is annihilated), and inconvenient. But somehow, it always makes me smile, even laugh, as I try to remember to appreciate her humor and savor these days when her imagination runs wild. A huge grin from her helps too :)


Karen Snow said...

I for some reason do not have your email address!! I need your address so that I can mail you a Christmas card... Thanks!

Jessica said...

that's why God made toddlers so adorably we can overlook their naughty, naughty ways :-)

Cherie' said...

I am going through the same thing with Jackson right now. He is lucky he is so darn cute. Him and Sadie would be trouble together.