Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Christmas we sent web cams to my parents and grandparents. Its been a fun way for us to feel closer to one another and dulls the ache of being miles apart. I like how it lets us talk about the most mundane everyday thing- like the things you talk about when you really are in one another's kitchen. I showed my brother the chocolate mousse I made and swapped recipes with my mom. It took my mom a minute to warm up to the idea of us seeing her. She was trying to hide from it like I hadn't seen her in every possible light while living with her for 18 years.I could see my doggies (who were very confused about the whole thing) and my grandparents house which has always been so dear to my heart.

The downsides =
1. You can't hang out in your underwear. Clothing is not optional when one of us is on the webcam with someone. I discovered this tonight as I was trying to clean the kitchen while Jared was talking to his family. I have this thing about wearing clothes I wore outside of the house inside of the house (I feel like they're dirty after I wear them outside) so I take them off when I come home. BUT I don't want to put on clean pajamas or "hang out" clothes till I've showered because I don't want to get them dirty and then have to wear another set after I shower. I didn't want to shower until I cleaned the apartment because cleaning makes me feel like I'm dirty. I know, I know, I know. I have this clean freak thing going. So I was stuck in clothing limbo and decided to just clean in my underwear. At one point I was almost army crawling on the floor to avoid the webcam, but then I heard G-Ma Rawson say "Courtney I see you!" This thing catches a great range.... a better one than I thought.

2. The guy at Best Buy told me that they're all the same and they all do the same quality of work. Not so. The first one we got was crap. It was hard to set up and operate, had trouble connecting, and the video was slow and ultra grainy. We traded in for one that was ten bucks more and its been a world better.

3. You gotta keep whatever room you're set up in clean. At least the parts being broadcast. Mine happens to be in my kitchen. My kitchen happens to be tiny, thus it looks messy fast. You can actually see most of my kitchen on the webcam so I feel compelled to have it straight and the dishes washed before we make calls.

If any of my pals out there have a webcam, sign up with Skype and look us up. We're theawesomerawsons. I'd love to chat with you. I promise to wear clothes.

You may have noticed I yanked the "sick" posts. I was tired of seeing them there. We're sick in real life, why be sick in the virtual one too.

Christmas 2006 we spent with Jared's family. We had to write on a piece of paper what we were thankful for and what our goals would be for the next year. I was, of course, thankful for family. My goal was to complain less.
You'd think I'd come further with the added bonus year before being held accountable (since we rotate holidays between our families), but unfortunately, like most people, my new year goals are long forgotten by January 7th and this one was not exception. I think I've learned to look towards what I'm grateful for when I feel the urge to complain, but I still wind up complaining and saying something like: "I hate this crappy dishwasher! It leaves residue and spots all over our dishes and doesn't even get all of the food off! But, I'm grateful I have a dishwasher. There are people out there that don't even have dishes!"

Maybe my goal this year will be to remember my goals. ???


Jessica said...

he, he...bart is the one always getting caught makes it hard to snap a random picture sometimes.
and try cascade complete. it's expensive (i always use the cheap stuff) but it works great! seriously, no rinsing, no nothing and they come out wonderfully clean and sparkly.

Holly said...

The web cams were such a great gift idea. It was so good to talk to you the other day. I think we might have a web cam, i'll search for it and when i figure it out, you'll be the first to know, and we can skype!

Lexi said...

I love the bit about the webcam. The day before we moved and took our computer down, my Mom called from Indonesia and wanted me to get on the webcam too. I was hanging out in only my skivvies and my hair was a mess and I had no makeup on. Peyton was running around in only a diaper and Troy was the only one decent since he was in and out running errands. Finally I had to put on a robe because she wouldn't leave it alone until I got on! Thankfully I wasn't caught unawares like you were (especially since my Dad was online too!)