Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was so proud of myself. Our computer needed a new home. The desk we had been using had fallen a part a bit with every move and was outgrown by our needs. After searching for a while, I found a desk on Walmart.com that I liked a lot. When I went to the store, I found the last box and to my disappointment it looked like it had been dropped off of the truck. After talking to the department manager, I snagged this desk for $50 bucks cheaper than the original price. Now, putting it together wasn't as good of a deal. It took my darling husband around 9 hours to complete the project. Before you think he's mechanically challenged, realize that every single review on the Wal-Mart website...even the ones who gave the desk high remarks, complained that the desk took anywhere between 6 to 12 hours to assemble. I told hubby this before committing to the desk. He was so excited about saving the money, he said it was worth his time.

A "J" for Jack! You know how each piece is labled to facilitate assembly? Jack happened to find the "J" sticker and somehow got it on his forehead.

Speaking of Jack.... He's almost 11 months old. Good grief, what happened? Did I not just push him into the world like, yesterday? He's got two teeth (and 4 all bursting forth at once it seems), is walking more and more, and has a temperament unique from his sister's. Where as Sadie seemed to be more focused, more intense, and cautious; Jack is our energetic, outgoing, quick- to- act boy. He's more tactile and aggressive than Sadie. Everything goes in the mouth and nothing is off limits to what he'll pull, grab, or touch (unfortunately toilets, poop, and his sister's hair are his favorites). Though he has a happy nature, he knows what he wants and is very outspoken and demonstrative of his disappointment if he is denied his wants. Lucky for me, he's pretty easy going and gets over it fast.

I marvel at how he and Sadie delight in the little things and I am proud of their curiosity. An empty yogurt container and a few bowls with lids became a drum set for them yesterday and rarely can I get through a book without Sadie asking "what's that?" and pointing. Both Sadie and Jack have a way of loving me despite my inability to have boundless patience and teach me everyday what is most important...and its not the baking soda spilled all over the floor, or the unfolded mountains of laundry, or the limitless lists of "to-dos." Its to play, learn, love, and laugh. When I forget this, I get a kiss, or a smile, or a hug, or a "hold me, Mommy" and I come out of my head and into my heart and realize that life couldn't be more perfect. Its the hardest job i've ever had, but I love being a mama.


Tracie said...

glad to see you are still alive and well. i was slightly worried and than figured it is summer... you were most likely out playing somewhere wonderful. can't wait to hear about it!

Lisa and Aaron said...

I agree! It is the hardest job but it's wonderful :) Jack is such a cutie!!

Suzie said...

Very true! So crazy that our boys will be one soon. Yes, we do STILL need to get together. One of these days it is going to happen.

15 painted cards said...

You're a lucky woman, Court:) Your kids are beautiful, and your husband is willing to spend 9 hours putting together a computer desk! And more importantly, no matter how stressed you get, you manage to remind yourself what's important in life. You really inspire me hon. Love you!