Sunday, May 11, 2008

Momma's Day

To all my friends who are mothers, to those who are mothers in waiting, and to those who are mothers by honor rather than blood, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Thanks for all that you do, the sacrifices you make, and the lessons that you teach.

Jared and Sadie woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed. I was still a little drowsy from my Tylenol PM, but was conscious enough to be grateful for this sweet, sweet husband and adorable little girl who had diligently made me strawberry muffins. They had decorated my breakfast tray with the green orchid that usually sits on the fireplace mantle and with a bag from the Omagi Day Spa. I knew that anything coming out of that bag was going to be good.

First I opened my card, which Jared AND Sadie had signed; his signature in pen and hers in red crayon. Okay, well maybe first I ate three muffins and a handful of strawberries, but then I opened the card. Pregnant people are allowed to devour any and all food placed before them in a swift and almost scary manner. Its written in stone somewhere I think. Anyway...
After the card I opened the little spa bag. The card on the inside was adorned with the Omagi seal and tucked inside was a "menu" of services. Wow...this place must be nice. The gift certificate was meticulously filled out in gold ink. I'm getting a much needed haircut.
Of course it won't be just a haircut. It will be a hair design. That's what they call it there. I'm excited for the experience.

Jared let me go back to sleep.

Yes! Oh, sleep how you have eluded me. It seems that these days if I don't take Tylenol PM before going to bed it doesn't matter how utterly exhausted I am. I toss and turn, my muscles aching from the 26lbs. i've gained and my poor lungs struggling to fill with enough oxygen to sustain me. I wake up more exhausted and with every part of me in pain. Sometimes naps seem to be easier on me than nightime sleep. Who knows why.

My brother, Kevin called me to wish me a happy mother's day. It was so nice to hear from him. I miss him being close and look back so fondly on the time he and I lived together. I talked with my Momma too. Sadie could hear me talking and she was repeating their names "Kaawl" "Kay Kay" "Me. Me."

We went to church early to meet with the bishop. No callings or anything, though he said they'd be coming soon. It was nice to finally get to have a 3 on 1 with him. And he gave Sadie a sucker that kept her entertained for most of Sacrament. Motherhood was the obvious theme of the day and we were all honored with long-stemmed roses and a booklet by Gordon B. Hinckley. We also got chocolate in Relief Society. Oh yeah.

Now we're home. (I just said it! HOME. I called this place home.) It feels so good to be back in my pajamas sharing my thoughts with all of my friends and family who will eventually read this. I feel closer to my real home through writing here and reading all of their comments. My real home: a piece of home is in every one of my family and friends. They are all my home and it doesn't matter where I am. I find security in that.


Alex Steger said...

I know your pain with the sleeping problems! I am right there with you sista. I don't remember this from the first go-round but maybe I had just blocked it from my memory. By the way, when are y'all ever going to find out the gender of this baby? I'm dying to know!

Jamie said...

Alex Steger did not make that first comment! It's me Courtney! He's one of Joe's friends that used our computer earlier. I didn't realize he was still logged in until after I had posted the comment! Sorry about that.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

I'm so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day! You'll have to post pictures of your 'hair design' once you get it. Those strawberry muffins sounded good too. I've never even had strawberry muffins before!

Devri said...

happy mothers day!! sounds like a great day! how fun to get a 'hair design'!! that will be fun to be pampered a little! you deserve it!

Holly said...

Happy late Mother's Day! Sounds like you had a good one. That hair design sounds nice, good job Jared! I know Alex Steger by the way, and that was really funny to me that Jamie's first comment was under his user name. I imagined Alex (tall serious looking but funny, computer programmer turned premed student) saying those things that Jamie wrote, and I was almost laughing out loud.