Friday, May 30, 2008


Our nifty little antenna used to pick up PBS back in Louisiana and Sadie loved watching "Super Why." But here in San Antonio, we're lucky to get NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC. In fact, we have to move to antenna from one side of the TV to the other, depending on what we're trying to pick up. I contemplated standing at the TV when "Super Why" comes on, since if I do so I can manage a blurry static-ey version of the show. But after trying, I decided it wasn't very practical.

So I decided to go buy "Super Why" at Best Buy. The problem was that "Super Why" is not on DVD.

And then, at that moment, I created a monster. A "Blues Clues" monster. I bought a 2 hour 10 minute "Blues Clues" DVD and popped it into our DVD player and she was hooked. Now, she wakes from a nap saying "Coo Coos??" which, translated, is "Blues Clues" and we pull into the garage after going wherever and its "Coo Coos??" I try to resist, but I find myself giving into this little face. How can I say "no" when she asks so sweetly? AND when she's so happy watching it? I have to admit, its a great DVD. She's learing her ABC's and I always try to interact with her when she's watching ANY TV so its not a babysitter. Well, maybe a little while i'm blogging this.

(Now, don't you worry "Super Why." Grandpa Tivo-ed lots of episodes of you and burned them to DVD so when Sadie's tired of "Coo Coos" she'll ask for "Why?"and I'm absolutely delighted when she does. I miss you "Why.")


Jamie said...

"Super Why" is a favorite at our house, too. Allison calls it Supers though. I don't know what it is about this age but they seem to love the TV. Maybe it's just our two? Allison hasn't seen Blue's Clues yet. We did catch an episode of The Wiggles one morning when she woke up extra early at like 5 am and I just wanted her to watch tv while I lay on the couch. That was risky business because that show is super obnoxious and I was running the risk that she might really like it and request it. That was a chance I just had to take though. Luckily she hasn't mentioned it.

Lori O said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you enjoy it. Yes, my husband and I were both in 4th ward about 5 years ago. That's where we met. I was Lori DeGraff and he is Jeff Orwin. I think I remember you guys, but I don't think we really knew each other. I'll post a family pic or something soon.

TheMarets said...

At our house, I think Backyardigans is my favorite. The music has me hooked!

Devri said...

Cooper loves Super Why too. My dad helped him one day and he said "Grandpa, you're just like super why!" But he LOVES Handy Manny on the Disney Channel and thinks that he can speak spanish now, but he did learn about improvising from that show and now i have to show him off to everyone that he knows what it means, and can pronounce it!! how fun!
i loved the pic of sadies pants on backwards, good daddy jared! at least she is dressed, right!!