Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Our Mommy and Me adventure this week brought us to the local Fire Department for a tour. Let me tell you, these are the nicest men. They treat the Firehouse like its they're home and they invited us in graciously. They even offered us breakfast! This is one of the firemen showing the kids (and us grown ups) his gear.

They let the kiddies get up on the truck. Did you know that a ladder truck cost $750,000?!
Sadie really liked this part. We had to have the fireman escort her off because she didn't want to come down!
They brought out the hose for the kids to "spray." They turned the lights and siren on for added effect.
Here, i'm helping Sadie to "spray" the hose.
So, I didn't fix my hair this morning. Don't judge me.
It was a fabulous time. I felt like I had made a few buddies by the end of the tour. They reassured me that they could deliver a baby if needed. I feel good knowing they're a mile and a half up the road.


Nulphs said...

that is so fun to have a little group to do fun stuff with, and help keep sadie entertained! you look so cute, not bursting at the seams, like you should be!!

Cathi said...

Can't believe you are out and about with less than three weeks to go! Kudos to you! By the way, any name ideas yet?

Jenn said...

You look so great. I love your long hair. Won't be long huh? Sadie is getting so big. I know she was so exciting to go there. :)