Friday, September 26, 2008

I love being tagged!

Thanks Lexi! I love being tagged! These are so much fun!

I am
: Trying my best.
I think: incessantly/all the time/ too much.
I know: That Jared loves me.
I want: security.
I have: been blessed with more than I realize.
I dislike: not being heard.
I miss: my family, my friends, baton rouge, college.
I fear: that my family will be taken from me before I'm ready to let them go.
I feel: like I'm swimming up stream
I hear: a voice in my head telling me I should be preparing my Sunday school lesson.
I smell: clean and shower fresh.
I crave: sleep. chocolate. cuddles from Sadie, Jack, and Jared.
I cry: more than most, but not as often recently.
I usually: wake up hungry
I search: for my missing cell phone more often than i'd like.
I wonder: why birds in San Antonio are like Kamikazes that will fly within inches of your windshield.
I regret: Not being around more for my brothers.
I wish: as humans had 4:1 ratio of arms to children. We'd look funny, but life would be easier.
I love: my family deeply.
I care: about what mark I leave on the world.
I always: shower before bed.
I worry: my family will be taken from me.
I am not: shallow.
I remember: feelings and emotions over the detailed facts of an event.
I believe: In Jared.
I sing: the lyrics to songs (even when I don't know them).
I don't always: know the right thing to say.
I argue: and won't stop till you see my point of view.
I write: so I can tangibly see my feelings.
I win: most of my arguments with Jared ;)
I lose: A lot of sleep being a mom.
I listen: poorly when i'm nervous/excited/overwhelmed.
I don't understand: How you can love one of your children less than the other.
I can usually be found: with Sadie and Jack.
I need: a break.
I forget: phone numbers and names.
I am happy: yes. I am.

Holly, Jamie, and Jenn, you're it!


Jenn said...

I like this post a lot and it got me to thinkin'. So thanks for the tag and read it on my blog. Love you and miss you!

ellyodd said...

Have you ever heard of dyscalculia? It's "math dyslexia". Pretty common to forget phone numbers and dates if you have dyscalculia. Try a google search!