Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm tagging myself

1. 3 Joys

2. 3 Fears
The people I love dying
The people I love leaving me
The people I love being unhappy

3. Current Goals
Get back into a healthier shape
Raise babies

4. Current Obsessions
Reading blogs
Finding clothes that fit

5. Random facts about me
I almost had my thumb cut off when I was two.
I got my hair caught in a hula hoop when I was in the 4th grade.
I like stinky baby feet.


Jamie said...

How on earth do you get your hair caught in a hula hoop? It's just one big loop. You must have been doing some fancy moves! I feel you on the clothing business. I was getting into my old clothes pretty quick after Allison but not this time. I miss Jazzercise : (

Robin D said...

I'm trying to do some blog catching up and was glad to see some cute new pics of Sadie and Jack. I know I still need to email you back but I might just call you b/c it will probably make so much better sense.
I hope you're adjusting well-the kids are so beautiful!

jessica said...

i second jamie's question...i think you need to explain that one!