Monday, September 22, 2008

This Monday's retail adventure

Last Monday, I took on HEB, this Monday Target and Cosco.

Target went smoothly, aside from Sadie's meltdown near a nursery display where she wanted to play on the rocking chair. Cosco was a little more challenging.

First, I'd like to say, I love Cosco. Call me ghetto, call me redneck, but i like a place where you can nearly eat a whole meal for free. Yes, i am referring to the free samples. "Take several" one of the sample peddlers told me. "Gladly!" I thought. Its a guilty pleasure i've indulged in my whole life: seeking out the sample carts with absolutely no intention of purchasing whatever is being marketed. Bonus points for believability whilst trying to pretend that the product is so good that the sample peddler did their job in convincing you to buy the product. The guiltiest part, of course, being that a lot of the time I take the product, put it in my cart, and then ditch it in a totally different part of the store when out of sight for the peddler.

Anyway...while enjoying my mini-cup of orange juice and canadian bacon, I felt splashing liquid around my ankles. I looked over to find the source. Sadie. Pee-pee soaked and streaming like a super-soaker water gun through her diaper. She was sitting in the basket and Jack was in his carrier in the back part of the basket. She was positioned in just the right spot to hit his carrier on the way down to the floor. Of course, there was a bunch of people waiting to partake of their o.j. and canadian bacon. I tried to look for napkins, but there were just mini cups and cupcake paper (what the bacon was in). Embarrased, I quickly pushed the cart away, leaving a dripping trail behind me.

I know I should have cleaned it up or alerted someone who works there, but I panicked. I really shouldn't have even been there with both of them by myself. I was challanging myself based on the successes of HEB and Target. But the Cosco outing was dangerously close to Jack's feeding time and Sadie was in need of a nap. Fearing a meltdown, I headed to check out. Guess what I went there to get? Diapers.

So in the parking lot I stripped Sadie down. She thought it was a game and wiggled and ran. I put her in the car, ripped open the box of diapers, wiped her from the neck down with a antibacterial hand wipe and strapped her in her seat wearing only a diaper.

Then, the meltdowns started. Sadie didn't want to be in her chair, she was naked (almost) and hungry. Jack was hungry. Heck, I was hungry.

We made it home, babies were fed, and we all laid down for a nap (of course Sadie and Jack would not nap at the same time, but we all laid there at least).

I'll try Wal-mart next week.


Suzie said...

I love it. I indulged in some Costco samples today as well. Taking the sample item and ditching it later is a great idea. I always feel guilty when I eat the sample but don't buy it. Sorry to hear about the pee incident. That could just as easily have been me!

The Nielsons said...

OMG, what an adventure! Despite the pee pee incident, it still made me want to pack up and head on over to Costco myself! Ha! Good look with WalMart!!

jessica said...

don't try wal-mart...wait a few more weeks. of course, i still get nervous taking a 5 year old and 2 year old to wal-mart. that store eats your sole and your sanity.

but, don't worry about the pee...i am sure that is not the worst thing that has happened in that store!

The letter 'M' said...

I think I would have booked it too! You poor thing! You were doing so well and then it all fell apart like the flood gates came open {and quite literally too!}

Peyton had a pee leak right before going into Sam's Club one day and I had no spare clothes with me. I ended up taking him in wearing only a diaper because I had driven all the way over there and didn't want to come back.

That was the fastest trip in and out of Sam's Club ever for us. At least your experience happened in the store {even though it must have been horrifying} and not in your car- then you would have spent the afternoon cleaning up a car seat after all of that!

Holly said...

I have been there, only, Kailey didn't have on a diaper. This was after she was potty trained. We were at Wal-mart, and she told me that she needed to go while we were at the seafood department waiting on this super slow woman to weigh and package our shrimp. She took forever, and afterwards I trucked it to the bathroom, but we didn't make it. She was in the front seat, so pee-pee went on the groceries below her. Luckily it only got a pack of eli diapers. So we headed for check out, too.

retrobec said...

I don't go anywhere anymore without a change of clothes for both boys and tons of diapers and wipes, because you never know...

But don't stop being brave and getting out there. Here's hoping your next adventure goes a little more smoothly! Good luck!

aidanjordan said...

Good for you for trying! It will only get better.

I love Sam's/Costco as well, and for the very same reason. I can remember being little and getting so excited when I heard we were going. Especially on a Saturday. Jackpot.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

At least you keep trying to get yourself out in "the real world". It's exhausting at first, but you'll get the hang of it soon. Ayden has motion sickness issues and has thrown up in Target I think 3 times. Not fun. You just reminded me of the nap time challenge. I can empathize with you there!