Saturday, October 18, 2008

Go crazy?

Me: Sadie, if you don't stop I am going to go CRAZY!

Sadie: Go crazy? Sadie come? Sadie go crazy. Go with Mama?

Yesterday morning was a little rough. Jared and I were trying to get the kids ready so we could run errands and Sadie was particularly whiny. It was our fault, really, since we let her stay up past 10pm the night before. We've been telling her for a month that we'd get her a bike for her birthday. Everyday she'd ask for it and the reply was "yes, Sadie. but you have to wait for your birthday." Well, her birthday came and went and we didn't produce. So Thursday I planned on following through on my promise.

7:42pm Sadie and I are on our way to pick up her bike from Wal-mart.
8:34pm we emerge with bike, soft drinks, rice, apples, bottled water, green chilies...why am I incapable of coming out of Wal-mart with only what I intended to buy??
9:10pm Jared begins to assemble bike.
9:20pm I begin to here murmurings: "Aght! STUPID! What the? Why the? Grrrrr...."
10:00pm Sadie is crying because she keeps trying to sit on the parts of the bike Jared has assembled, but Jared is still trying to assemble the bike and needs Sadie to move. Her feelings are hurt and its WAAAAAY past her bed time.
10:30pm Bike is complete... Well, almost. The wheels are on backwards. Sadie sits on the bike for 2 1/2 minutes and then is peeled off of it to go to bed with promises that the bike will be there in the morning.
12:30am Jared comes to bed after figuring out how to finish the bike.

So, Friday morning was rough for the tired Rawsons. I told Sadie I was going crazy and she wanted to come too.


Jamie said...

That is hilarious! It's funny how these little two year olds can be so funny without even knowing it. And it's really kind of true that some days you go crazy and, like it or not, you do drag your poor family right along with you.

Jessica said...

we've all done promise was a gold fish. brennan kept asking and asking when he'd get it. finally flu shots came around and it was used as a bribe.
oh, and i think walmart sends out subliminal messages to get us to buy more, forget at least one very important thing so we return again and basically make us all insane.

Jessica said...

oh, and when i used to tell brennan we had to run errands, he'd always (i mean EVERY TIME!) ask, "have i been to aaron's house before? does he have toys to play?"
so, kids love to mess up what we say without evening knowing they are doing it.