Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie and Holly

These two girls could always brighten my day.

One semester at LSU we had a break that overlapped and I'd always find them upstairs in the Union. I seemed to always be stressed (in that dramatic way of mine) and venting about something. Jamie and Holly would lend me their sympathetic ears and find some way to relate to whatever craziness I was going through. They had a way of grounding me and helping me feel safe that made me gravitate towards them.

Through the 8 years we've known each other, we've gone from college, to young and married and newly employed, to mommies trying to figure it all out together. And voyaging that transition together; sharing the struggles and the joy- that's what makes them two of my closest friends on the planet.

I hope today is as beautiful for them as they are to me.

Love you girls. Happy Birthday.


Jamie said...

Thanks Courtney! That was super nice. We surely have been through lots together and surely have had some good times together (and will continue to have good times together,too). I did have a good birthday and that little post just made it even better!

Holly said...

Aaaawww thanks Courtney! That was super sweet. You are such a sweet thoughtful person. I miss you.