Monday, November 10, 2008

I never liked cutting hair. I never know which ones to cut.

"Oh no! Oh my gosh....oh, I. AM. SOOOO. SORRY."

Not what you want to hear when someone is cutting your hair.
Those words came out of my mouth and floated the short distance to my poor husband's ears.

"What?! What did you do? What did you do?!" He asked, grasping the sides of his head.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I. AM. SOOOOO. SORRY."

"Oh my gosh! How...wha? What number did you use?" (if you don't know, the lower the clipper number, the shorter the hair.)

"I really thought it was a 4." I cried.

I showed him the "1"

There was a huge gash of hair missing from the side of his head. You could see scalp. My eyes welled up with tears.

"Okay. Lets just think about this." he said in some sort of denial that lead him to believe there was actually something to think about. Like we could consider regrowing his hair or picking up a handful from the floor and taping it back on.

Jack started to cry so I left Jared alone to "think." He sat in the bathroom for a while and I went in to check on him.

"Are you okay? I mean, Jack's getting fussy so we need to finish up."

"There's no need to rush. I just need to think. I mean, do I shave it all off or just wait it out and let my hair grow back?"

"Put a big bandage over it and tell people you have a head injury. Can you wear a hat to work?" I asked.

I left him to 'think' some more and after about 45 minutes we attempted to "fix" things by making the fade shorter. Despite our best efforts, his head looked like a mushroom.
So we had no choice but to shave it.

See, you have to understand the fear in this. Jared has been worried that if we were to shave his head, it might not grow back. I'd like to reassure him that it will, but what do I know? I'm no hair-ologist.

Can you see the part that I originally shaved above his ear? Its not so bad with the rest of it buzzed. Its different, but I still think he looks adorable.

"You have a nice shaped head, Jared."

"Thank goodness." We said together.

"Are you mad at me?"

"I'm not mad at you, sweetie. I just need some time to adjust."

Jared smiled and exhaled. He kissed me lovingly and I felt grateful to be married to such a kind and patient man.


Jamie said...

I'm really glad your story had a happy ending. I think his hair looks fine in the picture. It's funny b/c I was supposed to cut Joe's hair tonight but I had a massive headache and ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours and he just cut his own hair instead (talented). It's probably for the best b/c I have definitely made mistakes in the past with his hair. Not as bad as the ones he's made, though :).

Robin D said...

This poast made me laugh so hard! Poor Jared I know (he's the real victim) but poor you too! Joe cuts his own hair but I have to trim around his ears and the back of his neck. I get super nervous everytime!
I'm glad everything turned out. He's looks just fine.

Jessica said...

I did the same thing to Bart. Well, he wanted his really short, but I refused to go shorter then a 2, I think. He wanted to be "bald" for the start of LSU football season (stupid tradition he and a friend have). I say his face is too fat for this look.
Anyways, I took the guard off to "clean up" around the ears and accidentally, in the back where he wouldn't know, gouged him.
I thought about not sharing, but did.
It grew out, eventually.
I really wish I knew how to cut guys hair nicely. I think I need to take some classes, I mean, there are four males (once Fat Baby gets here) in my house. If the boys all go to a lady at church, that's $21 a month. Then Bart goes to this dumb place that charges $20 a HC! So, if everyone got their hair cut every month, which would be awesome, that would be $40 a month!!!!!!
Sorry to rant. Guess I'm feeling the "it's raining, you are big and fat, you have things to do so why don't you just play online for a bit" blues.

Cherie' said...

Hahaha! I did the same thing to Jesse once, he was making me too darn nervous. Sometimes he still asks me to cut his hair, I politely tell him no thank you, slap a $20 in his hand and point him to the nearest salon. I am not going through all that again. But Jared actually looks good with his head shaved so maybe you did him a favor. Hahaha!

The Nielsons said...

Wow, my husband definitely would have beat me for that. Haha, at the very least, we would have had words. At least it looks good though!

Sharon said...

I did that to Cody once. That may be why Steve does his own. :-) The good thing was that is *was* summer (we had to sunscreen his head!) and it took a LONG time to grow out to the point of needing another haircut. Now Steve always does the boys hair and if I do have to do it, I err on the side of too long instead of too short. :-)

me, of course! said...

Oh my gosh indeed. I think I would have cried too because Troy is so particular about his hair. He keeps wanting to teach me how to use the clippers but I say "No thanks!" Fortunately, it looks like it turned out fine for Jared and hair does grow back fast; especially for guys!

Omi said...

heh heh... i guess we all have to learn the hard way! i've only done that once to john, but my problem was he wanted 10 on top and a 4 or 5 on bottom, and to use the "slanted" to transition between the two. when i went to "smooth" the 2 lengths together, the lowest point on the slant was about a 2 or 1, and before i realized it, i had shaved a line from one ear to the other! luckily, all i had to do was use a 1 on the bottom and it was an easy fix, but hair does grow rather fast!! and it doesn't look too bad! what a sweet husband.

Kathy said...

I am so glad he was sweet to you. That is a sign of a REALLY GOOD man. Lucky you!

DixieJo said...

I love all the comments you have gotten! How funny that such a thing would cause us all to respond!

I have so much to say - but I will leave it with, I'm with ya sistah!

Holly said...

Wow, what a story to laugh about later (when the hair has grown out of course). His hair looks fine. If I hadn't just read the story about the short patch, I wouldn't have noticed it. Jared is such an awesome person for being so level headed and sweet about this.

aidanjordan said...

oh my gosh, i know exactly how you feel! i can't say i've ever had to buzz jeremy's head completely, but there have been times when we've thought about it because of one of my slip-ups! i am sure he looks great! maybe it will be like when you shave your legs- the hair will come back faster! :)

richbellesnbeausonbayou said...

Shane won't let me near his hair. But that's fine with me. We are glad to give Sis. Karen Throck the business.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

I did the same when Josh and I were engaged. I feel your pain, as does Josh! It'll grow back soon and become a funny memory one day.