Thursday, November 20, 2008


My brother Kevin had put a few boxes of my things aside. They'd been carried from one house to another to another and to another. Mama suggested that I go through them while I'm here. I found old childrens books that i'm sure Sadie will love, pictures, dolls (a few of which Sadie swiped as I was rummaging through), and a couple of old jewelry boxes that belonged to my mother that she had passed down to me when I was a young girl. Do you remember when trolls were "in"? Think back 15 years ago and you might remember. See the picture above? Look closely and you'll see a hook sprouting out of the troll's head. Yes, you guessed it. This is an earring. And yes, I wore them without any sort of reservation or embarrassment at one point in my life. Next to it, you'll see a ring with a tiny doll inside. This was actually one of my mom's costume jewelry from when she was a girl. I found them both inside one of the jewelry boxes. I remember loving the ring because at first glance, it seemed like an ordinary ring. But upon further inspection, you'd discover the doll. I wore it and felt like I had a secret no one else knew.
Tucked at the very bottom of the jewelry box I found a folded envelope. Inside, I discovered my birth announcement. I had never seen it and it was neat to see. My mom said they took me out of the incubator just long enough to take the picture.

It was fun to rummage through old memories. Everything I pulled out of the boxes had a story attached and if I thought hard enough, I could transport myself back to those moments.

At the start of our trip, I asked Jared to share with me a favorite memory of his best friend.
"Why?" He asked.
"Because we've got 9 hours in the car and I figured I'd talk to you."
"I don't think I want to."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I'll remember the memories when I need to."
"But what are good memories for if you don't remember them? And if you don't revisit them often, you'll forget. Every moment we live has potential to be a memory and if we don't make it a point to remember the memories we have, new memories will crowd the old ones out."

That's why I like to tell stories about the past. Its why I can't quite let go. Its why I hang on to birthday cards and notes friends passed me in middle school. I love visiting the past. Its how I see how far I've come.


Robin D said...

I to LOVE going through old pictures/notes/keepsakes. When looking at all of those things it just feels like yesterday and then I start to really think how long ago that was and how I really am old now! But regardless of my old age I still love to do it. :) And its always so much fun to do it with someone who went through some of those things with you.
I'm glad you and Jared were able to have a date night. Apple Cider sounds really yummy right now!

Jamie said...

I like reliving old memories, too. I like to pull out my journal every once in a while and open it to a random page and step back into the old days. By the way, that troll earring is awesome. I had recently found some trolls in a box from my mom's house and Allison loved them.

DixieJo said...

I'm a keeper and holder on, also. :) We have so much in common.

aidanjordan said...

Holy Manolo Blahniks! I totally had troll doll earrings! I also still have a cool ring from back in the day- a mood ring, but not just any ordinary mood ring. It has an angel inside, and the angel changes colors. Isn't it funny to go through old stuff?

Jenn said...

Awww... so sweet. I love memories too. It's how you keep them alive by remembering. I'll have to share a post about this, you've triggered something here.

Holly said...

I love that troll earring. I know you did wear that thing with pride at one point in your life, and I know I would've been proud to wear it too during that same time period!

I think we are all a little sentimental once in a while. Some of us more than others :) I have a couple of boxes in my closet with notes, papers, programs from events, pictures, and items; that I like to look through.