Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sadie rocks!

We were watching a commercial on tv the other day:


There was a woman and her dog. The woman was talking into the camera about prescription meds or something.


I'm thinking "Sadie, that's not nice. She's not ugly."

Then I realize that she can hear a ukulele being played in the background music.

"Ukulele?" I ask.

She smiles and nods. "Ukey-lady, mama."

Later that day, she gets out "my" guitar and starts strumming and singing songs. I just had to video it. I missed some of her candid ballads, but got a good clip (as shown above).


Holly said...

That's too funny. What a smart girl recognizing instruments on commercials. Maybe she'll be musical like her daddy!!

Cherie' said...

That was just adorable! You go Sadie!

Jamie said...

Wow! Most adults probably wouldn't recognize a ukelele. That guitar strumming and singing was awesome. Joe always says that singing and playing together is a lot harder than just playing. Looks like Sadie's got it.

Stacy Hutchinson said...

She's pretty good at strumming! What a cutie. i love listening to kids sing. It melts my heart.

retrobec said...

She is SO adorable. When it comes time for music lessons, maybe she'll know what to pick! You are brave, too. I don't let my kids near my guitar!

Also, I'm rounding up friends that don't have an invite to my blog yet. If you want an invite, would you send your email address to me at retrobec(at) Thanks!

Lissa Ann said...

Ok just wrote you and blogger lost it lol. This is Malissa & Matt Mobley, come check us out sometime...secretgardenkey (blogger)
Hope to see Yall next Friday! WOOT!