Saturday, January 31, 2009

Monkey Sadie

Sadie did not want to take her nap. Sadie screamed and screamed so Mama went and surfed the internet (on a computer that happened to be at very close proximity to the washer and drier that were tumbling and swooshing as to drown out the screaming). Suddenly, the screams grew soft and then... singing.
"A. B. C. D...."
The singing grew louder
and louder...
"E. F. G..."
until Mama turned away from the computer screen and jumped:

"Mama, you wanna read to Sadie?"
"Sadie? Did you jump out of your crib?"
"Yes. Mama, you wanna read to Sadie? Sadie no lay down."

Her crib days are over. She is now a monkey and is no longer capable of being contained. Did I tell you about her newly acquired acrobatic skills that have enabled her to climb our kitchen counters or reach into the medicine cabinet to eat toothpaste? Or what about last week when I heard "pretty toes!" and rushed over to find she had climbed to reach the top shelf where I had stowed away my RED nailpolish and was painting her toes on the carpet (in the apartment we rent).

I have to admit, each of these incidents make me laugh. I guess I just love her that much.


aidanjordan said...

Hahahaha! My sister once had to clean up half a bottle of red polish off white carpet, and actually got it to come out. I'll have to get her secret and send it to you...

In the meantime, give those monkeys hugs for us!

Cherie' said...

Hahaha! I am waiting for Jackson to do that. When Ben was little and discovered he could get out of the crib we woke up to find eggs in his carpet and chapstick all over his windows and that was in the apartment we were renting. Good times.

Jessica said...

A little secret? We used to put a baby lock on the INSIDE of Brennan's door at naptime so he would stay in and go to sleep.
I figured if there was a fire he would not know how to escape anyways so I'd have to rescue no matter what.

Jamie said...

What a silly girl. Allison won't stay in her bed for nap time, either. Lately, I've just been letting her take a nap on the couch. It's definitely not an ideal situation but I'd rather that than no nap at all.
By the way, we need some pictures of your little monkeys, especially Jack.

Lexi said...

Oh man, it's all down hill when they figure out how to get out!

Thankfully, Peyton hasn't gotten the wheels rolling on that one yet.

I second what Jessica said- another friend of mine also puts the baby proof plastic door handle cover on the inside of her daughter's door so that she knows she's in there until Mom or Dad rescue her. That is a pretty funny story though!

Nulphs said...

I am so sorry, but lucky you that it has lasted this long! I hate putting Paxton to bed these days because i have to lock him in, and then when he is asleep i unlock it and he ends up in my bed in the middle of the night, every night!!! She is at such a fun age, but oh the fun you will have keeping up with her! good luck!