Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jack didn't like the prunes so much as he liked intercepting the spoon midway to his mouth and smearing them all over his face. But, that's the great thing about babyhood. When else in life do you get to do stuff like that and get away with it without people thinking you need to be committed?

The peas went a little better, but he still liked grabbing on to that spoon!
This is a "self portrait" by Sadie. She is quite the photographer. Mainly she focuses on ceiling fans...sippie cups...her left nostril... She's quite the artist.
Do you see what his onsie says? It says "I'll sleep when I'm good and ready." He means this. This is not just a cute onsie. It is the honest to goodness truth.

Sadie and Jack are interacting more and more. Although, sometimes the interaction consists of "NOoooOOooo! That's MINE!", most of the time its "Read to Jack?" "Its okay Jack, you aright" or "How goes it baby Jack?!"


Stacy Hutchinson said...

Cute, cute CUTE! Those two look like a lot of fun. I love the new house pictures, too. I'm so excited for you. Settling into a house is so much more peaceful than living in apartments. It's fun to paint and make changes too because it's YOURS!! I don't know if we'll ever be near there, but if we are, we will definitely come visit. When is the big closing day?

Robin D said...

I can't believe how much Jack and SAdie look alike. Too cute! And yea for the new house it looks awesome and I can't wait to see all ofyour decorating ideas!

Cherie' said...

It is official, Jack is growing way to quickly! Seriously, he is huge! What a cutie though!!!