Friday, March 27, 2009

Tech baby, tech.

Sadie says: "I see Ipod Mama."
I say: "Oh, that's Mama's Blackberry."
Sadie says: "Okay, I check my e-mail then."

She pushes a few buttons and stares at the screen. Nothing happens (i have locked the keypad) so she drops the phone and runs towards the kitchen:
"I use the computer to check my e-mail."

I remember back in the day not having a computer and using Encyclopedias and BOOKS to write papers and do research. No internet. No e-mails. I remember not needing (or wanting) a cell phone. Having a cordless phone was pretty cool. Ipods? Psh! tape players and CDs were the way to go.

So, just think. This little conversation I had with my TWO YEAR OLD would not have taken place at all between me and my mother. And I'm only 26. Amazing how fast this world changes.

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Lexi said...

Peyton is obssessed with technology too. He has a melt down any time we take away his 'toys'! It's amazing how far we've come in the past 10 years. I still have VHS tapes in our movie drawer- I have no idea why. And our VCR always sounds like a plane taking off when you rewind something- it's really loud!