Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Hairs Cut.

Remember a few months ago when I attempted to give my patient and loving husband a haircut and I pretty much left him bald? I do. It pretty much traumatized me from cutting hair. But today, ah today, when Sadie looked at me through a wall of hair and nearly stumbled into the bathroom cabinet, I decided to overtake my fear.

I busted out the scissors and Sadie busted into tears. She shrieked and wailed and screamed so loud it woke Jack out of a sound sleep. I cut snippits at a time; coming at her like a sniper till eventually, her bangs were cut and she could see. This must have impressed her because something changed. She calmed down and actually got into the whole process. She even asked me to cut her beloved bear's "hair."

I went to get poor Jack who, was ripped from his peaceful sleep by the blood curdling screams of his sister. I held him up and looked at his head. "Hmmmm.... I can do this." I was on a roll. I sat him in front of me and grappled at straggles of hair with the scissors. After the first snip I was committed. There was no turning back. I tried to remember what my friend Heidi taught me about using my fingers as a guide. Remembering seemed to comfort me in my efforts, so I tried to forget that I never really understood what she was teaching me to begin with. Still, acting like I knew what I was doing gave me a sense of confidence.

Cutting Jack's hair was like playing that game at Chuck-E-Cheese where you have to bop the frog or mouse or whatever it is that pops up out of the hole with huge mallot. He bobbed and wiggled and batted at the scissors.

Somehow, I avoided any major damages to either child, or their hair. So impressed with myself was I that I took like 40 pictures.

Remember. I am no professional. We'll say with Sadie we were going with the "I just need to see" look and with Jack we were trying for the "messy" look. With that said, they are masterful haircuts.


Stacy Hutchinson said...

Alright super mom! You did great. Trust me, no salon would have done any better. I always see mess-ups after spending $20 per child for a "professional". Kids just move too much. I always cut the boys' hair in phases. It usually takes me three days, because I'll see spots I missed. Our two best tactics: sitting them in the bathroom sink and letting them play with the faucet and get soaking wet, OR sitting them in one of the kid chairs in front of the tv. Both make a huge mess, but they sit pretty still for a longer amount of time, so it's worth it.

Jessica said...

Great job...Jack's last hair cut at a "kids salon" resulted in TWO trips back. Thank goodness the original haircut was free or I'd be upset (won a contest)
I am starting with Bart and Brennan's hair and working my way to an all scissors cut with Jack.
Good job on conquering your fears.

Jamie said...

Those are some good looking hair cuts on some good looking babies! I am super impressed, both with your bravery and your awesome hair cutting skills. Way to go Courtney!

Lexi said...

You're brave. I won't even attempt cutting Peyton's hair because I tried it once at the nape of his neck and left a bald spot there when he was still itty bitty. So Troy does all of the barbering in this house. He has been clipping his hair for over 10 years and always does a good job on himself and Peyton. You did a great job too!

Anna and Dell said...

I love your writing style. you really have talent! And oh yeah, cutting kids hair is crazy tricky. I always put cutting Henry's hair off until he can't see a thing. :)

Jenn said...

Great job! Sadie's hair looks so thick. I can't believe how big they have both gotten. Jack's eyes are so pretty and expressive. Sweet kiddos :)

Holly said...

Wow, I haven't attempted any hair cuts on either of ours. It's about time for Eli to have a cut. Now that I have seen your success maybe I can be brave enough to take it on. We are anti-mullet in this house and Eli's is inching in that direction in the back.

Those cute babies look even cuter with their new haircuts!