Friday, March 27, 2009

A self portrait by Sadie.

Ikea offers prime parking to those with hybrid cars. Because of this advantage, I must now purchase one so next time I won't have to walk my two babies in the rain from my far away parking spot while the tatted up single guy driving the prius gets the closest spot.
Look at this kid! He's been standing and crawling for the past month! If he keeps this up, he'll be walking before the end of month 8.
Maybe he's trying to keep up with his sister.


Jamie said...

Wow, look at what a big boy he's getting to be. I don't know if you find this to be the case, too, but I find that Sara seems to be growing up a lot faster than Allison did.

Holly said...

That's awesome that Jack is standing and getting around so well. Eli walked at 9 months; and I would definitely say that it had a lot to do with keeping up with Kailey. He still watches everything that she does and tries to copy a lot of it. The other day I had a step stool in my room next to the bed. Kailey got on it and jumped from the stool to the bed. I watched as Eli climbed to the top of it (it was short so I wasn't too worried). He made an attempt at a jump (he hasn't quite gotten jumping down yet). He "jumped" right into the side of the bed, and slid down, landing on his feet. It was super funny to see he jump right into the side of the bed and slid down.

I'm super jealous of the Ikea trip.

TheMarets said...

In Calgary, the prime Ikea parking *is* the family parking. It's awesome!

Jenn said...

Love the self portrait of Sadie. And where do you have an Ikea close?? Geez I'm so jealous. Texas (or Florida) is seriously calling my name. Cannot believe Jack is already standing. Dude he is sooo... going to be walking soon :)