Monday, June 2, 2008

The Maiden all forlorn

"This is the Maiden all forlorn, who milked the cow with the crumpled horn."

I told Sadie that she was crying. Gosh, i've never felt so guilty for reading Sadie a book.


"Yes, Sadie. She's sad. She's crying."

"Cryie? Cryie? Cryie?! Cryie?!! Cryie?!!!"

Her eyebrows furrowed and the corners of her mouth turned down.

I hurried up to turn the page and she stopped me.


She leaned over and gave the forlorn maiden a big kiss.

"Oh, Sadie, you're so sweet! You gave her a kiss? That's so sweet!"

But it wasn't enough because when we turned the page, there was the "maiden all forlorn, who milked the cow with the crumpled horn." It didn't even matter that there was a "man all tattered and torn who kissed the maiden all forlorn." She was still there, mouth ajar, wailing, with tears sprinkling out of her face like a watering tin someone's tilted back to water the flowers.


There goes that book.


Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Oh Courtney- that is sad and funny all at the same time. Poor Sadie- she definitely seems to have a tender heart! The things kids say and do... I can't wait for little Peyton to talk!

jessica & co. said...

what a sad book...we have a few like that...even though they can't read, pictures speak louder then words.

Karlee said...

That's SOO FUNNY! How cute of her though to feel for her! Maybe it'll have to wait til she's a little older...

DixieJo said...

What a sweet girl you are raising, and she already knows the magic of a kiss. Wonderful!