Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mommy Magic School

I used to think that eventually I would have it all figured out. You know, like i'd graduate, with time, from "Mommy Magic School" and have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve. In some respects, I have to give myself credit for all that I have learned in the last year and a half. But, in all other respects, I must admit, that my little toddler has humbled me. Just when I think I know that no matter what she refuses, she'll definitely eat string cheese or that no matter how late her afternoon nap was, she'll definitely go down for the night at 8pm, she throws the cheese and screams till 9pm.

Before I had Sadie, I used to think "They're just little babies. How hard could it be to get them to stop screaming through Wal-mart?!" or "Why do people complain that their kids won't eat? If they're hungry enough, they'll do it." or (my favorite) "OOhhhh...if I were that kid's mom...I can't believe the way he/she just talked to her! she must be doing something wrong."

That was before Sadie told me "NO!" and slapped me across the face. And before she decided to like her cereal one day, and turn her nose up at it the next. And before she cried so much through Wal-Mart as a young infant that I remember trying to push the cart, hold her, and retrieve a gallon of milk from the refrigerator with my foot.

You can't make this little person do what you want.

Sure this is frustrating. But, its so much fun trying to figure it all out! Call me crazy, but I like that feeling of awe that I have for Sadie. As she's using her sense of wonder to discover her little world, I feel a sense of wonder discovering my new little world as her "Mommy." Trying to understand her, I wonder what she's thinking, how her thoughts flow, what makes her tick. Why is it that she throws the cheese? She amazes me and dumbfounds me all at once.


Troy said...

She slapped you in the face? Ouch! That must have been like a slap in the...well, you know, face. Really though, your post reminded of a comment I heard by a professional fighter responding to a question regarding what he expected to do to counter his next opponent's well known proposed plan of attack. The fighter arrogantly responded "Everyone has a plan until they get hit." In light of your situation it seems like that fighter may have had a pretty good point as you had a plan that appeared to ended abruptly when you got hit. However, interestingly enough, in the scheduled fight, the arrogant fighter threw out his best punches and kicks on his opponent but ended up getting knocked out because the other fighter's plan of attack turned out to be pretty well planned and effective.

While you're obviously not planning to counterpounch and knock Sadie out, you will have to prepare for and adapt to any hits, hurt,or frustration she may throw at you while you try to achieve your plan of helping her become the best Sadie she can be. While there's no magic that can make it happen without a hitch, I believe you've got all the mommy magic you need to achieve your goal and do it well. Of course, while you're trying to figure out how to make your magic work and implement your plans, don't forget to duck and move.

aidanjordan said...

I love how just when I think I have Shelby figured out, she changes everything. Like sleeping. We finally got her to sleep in her crib. Then we went to Utah to visit my parents and now she starts SCREAMING if I even step foot in her room. So guess who has been sleeping in our bed for the past two weeks?

Jamie said...

You're not alone. As I expressed in our last conversation, I've been taking plenty of sass from Miss Allison lately. I would say that it's just the age and they'll grow out of it but I think we're in for many years of attitude and drama.

Jenn said...

Woooo.. slap in the face. I can hardly believe it! Gotta love them.. Ok really though, did you just bust out laughing? I think I would've after the initial shock wore off. You're an awesome mom, Courtney!

Cherie' Mallory said...

I am right with you on this one. Jackson punched me in my eye and told me No! He slapped Jesse across the face the other night and told him to pay attention. I could not even hold in my laughter. Jesse was stunned, not because the slap in the face but because Jackson told him to pay attention.