Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"Sit-tures!" "Sit-tures!"

Sadie points at the mantle of the fireplace where we keep the scriptures. I put them up there because she loves to finger through the delicate pages and pull on the tabs.


I had realized my own lacking in the will to regularly read scriptures; noting that its a simple task I regularly fail. Its one of those things I always ask for help with to be better about, but never seem to act fully upon doing so. My good friend Jamie and I had a recent discussion regarding faith and prayer. We learned that faith requires action and prayer without faith is void. So doesn't that mean that prayer requires action?

I kept waiting for Heavenly Father to sprinkle excitement and drive to read scriptures down upon me like I sprinkle Splenda on my Rice Crispies in the morning. Maybe my prayers for help and inspiration were more like half hearted confessionals? In any case, this recent discussion with Jamie lead me to evaluate my prayers. I made an effort to act and Jared and I broke out the scriptures to read to Sadie before bed. Now this little 20 month old baby is begging for us to "read sit-tures" every night. How inspiring! She's excited to read them and then to "pay" (pray) afterwards. She'll fold her arms and repeat the words we speak.

He used her to answer my prayers. And I thought I was supposed to be the one teaching her.

I've got a lot to learn.


Lori O said...

max has kept us in the habit of doing good stuff too. he won't let us put him to bed until we read "scrip-scrips" and says our "payers". he's even starting to do his own. they really are better people than us grown-ups.

Karlee said...

How sweet is that! It's funny how we are supposed to be teaching our children but yet in many ways they are teaching us! I have a hard time always being diligent in reading daily too but I have found that when I do consistently read them and really STUDY what I'm reading, my life is happier and my prayers are answered! Look at Sadie already knowing these things...smart little girl!

Jamie said...

What a sweet girl! We need to start including Allison in our scripture study, too. We pray with her but I guess I thought she wouldn't really get much out of the scriptures. I think they like to be involved in what we're doing no matter what it is and what better than scriptures, right?

Holly said...

I need to stay on top of these blogs because twice in a row, I have started to write a comment on someone's blog, and then read some of the other comments before I submit, and I have found that i have written almost the same thing as Jamie! Maybe if I get on top of things I can beat her to it,then she will be the one that has to delete so she doesn't look like a copy cat!!

Anyway, that is awesome that Sadie is into reading the scriptures and saying prayers.

I could've easily written the same post. I'll never forgot, Pres. Smith, at a youth session of a ward conference, once said something like, reading the scriptures can be boring most of the time and kind of difficult to do. I was impressed that someone in a leadership position and someone that I so admired, was that honest about it. I've also found in life that once I establish a habit, things are a lot easier. I need to just get with it and establish a habit. I think they say it takes doing something nearly 30 times to establish a habit. I need to get with it!

Jenn said...

What a sweet story. Gosh I'm really missing out, aren't I? I'm so glad you shared that. I think as adults we feel that we already know so much, what else could we learn. But so often its through the sweet children (or in my case the youth) that keep us learning things. :) I need to do better at reading my scriptures, Lookie Sadie taught me too!