Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That's Him!

Jared was called to work in the Young Men's Presidency at Church. He's really excited about it and I think he'll be great working with the 12 and 13 year olds. What a perfect time to be thrown into the fire. Youth Conference is this week and scout camp is coming up soon.

The Young Men's President had been praying about who should fill the position of Second Counselor. One night he had a dream and guess who's face he saw in the dream? He hadn't even met Jared before! That's what I call divine inspiration.

Jared was called to be the Ward Choir Director two weeks ago and when he stood up to take the call, the YM's President said "That's him!" and though Jared did not know it at the time, two weeks later he would be released from Choir Director before he could even lead a single note of music.


Kristi said...

Hey there,

I called it, just for the record. I told Kingston that and he told me that I wasn't supposed to make bets about church. But technically I didn't bet. Anyway. I am VERY excited that our husbands are serving together. I love this YM Presidency and the blessing its already been in our lives. Hope things are going well! I am stoked for Saturday night- Lets party-til-we-drop.

Devri said...

Congrats Jared that will be fun and you will be great with them! Wish we could see you guys soon!

Jenn said...

That's so exciting. He will do great. I was wondering when yall's callings were going to come. Yall are both so awesome.