Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feasting on Sunday

We wanted to be spiritually fed and we were really hungry, so we went to church twice this Sunday.

Actually, since we moved a few feet across the street into a different apartment complex than originally planned, we wound up going to the wrong ward. One of the members of the bishopric came to greet us at the 9am Canyon Springs meeting and told us that one side of the street is one stake and the other side is another stake and that now we were on the wrong side of the street for their ward/stake. We listened to some great testimonies and I met a few friends out in the hallway before we headed home for a nap before round two. Jackie from the hall took down my e-mail address and told me that she would e-mail me when they have playgroups. I'm so excited!

After a nap, we went back to church for the Sonterra Ward. Its huge! We had to sit in the overflow. People were really friendly. The first guy to greet us through the door wound up being best friend’s to Jared’s second cousin. Then we found out that his parents were in the same mission as Jared’s grandparents. The small-world didn’t stop there. As we were leaving, Jared told me we had dinner plans with the Roberts. He said we were having crawfish. Imagine going all the way from Baton Rouge to San Antonio for my first crawfish boil of the season! I was a little wary because crawfish doesn’t taste good unless you know what you’re doing when you’re boiling it and what does a Texan (no offense my Texan friends and family) know about boiling crawfish? Well, it turns out that this was no ordinary Texan. This Texan was a former Baton Rougian who happens to be the older brother Daniel Roberts so all sorts of connections started happening there.

He didn’t use the whole bag of boil because his wife and her family are from Nova Scotia. It was still really good. Anything spicier and it I don't know if pregnant Courtney could handle it. I'm a wimp when it comes to heartburn. I ate my share of the 20 lbs he boiled and i was almost proud to have peeled so many. It was so sweet of them to invite us over. Truthfully, they could have served me dirt cakes and I would have been tickled to go just to hang out with them. They were a lot of fun and Sarah gave me good advice on doctors and places to get a haircut and such. If everyone here is as welcoming as they are, then this is going to be a pretty darn good place to live.


Jenn Wilson said...

I can't imagine being in a different stake just by moving across the street. WOW! Cool.

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

How funny! We're friends here with Scott and Aimee Roberts! Those Roberts are everywhere I tell you! :-0 Good thing they're all harmless (and friendly!). The outdoor water area that you took Sadie to looks really pretty. I am so anxious to move out of New Orleans and to live in newer developments. I am sure you are loving your new home! I will try to talk Troy into San Antonio but if we move to Austin, we'll still try to come and visit you guys. How about an Ikea trip in Houston every now and then? Fun, fun, fun!