Monday, April 28, 2008

Neiman Markus and Jenn

Ahhh....this weekend's retail exploration turned out to be a lot more promising than last. We ventured out to The Shops at La Canterra next door to Six Flags Fiesta. Not Cortana-like at all!
The best I can describe it is an outdoor mall. Its not really a strip since its got a center to it. In the center (or maybe I could call it a median?) there are waterfalls and little streams. Music plays on strategically hidden Bose speakers creating a certain sort of ambiance that is relaxing, yet invigorating. Everything was clean and new and I liked it!

Idea! I went to their website...this is how they describe it. I didn't do so bad.

An open-air marketplace brings a new vitality and sophistication to shopping in San Antonio. The Shops at La Cantera will amaze you in more ways than one. Just as you think our selection of stores and restaurants will over excite you, the tranquil surroundings of lush greenery and soothing water remind you that everything here is in perfect balance, just like you’ll be., in case you're wondering.

Now, most of the shops were beyond my budget, but its sorta fun to pretend, right?

I finally got to go to Pottery Barn. Jenn let me peruse through her P.B. books a while ago and I've always admired their designs. The actual store did not let me down. I can't wait till I can decorate our new house! Okay, so that's probably a year away, but i'm still gathering up ideas. The whole time I was there, I thought of Jenn and what she would pick out. I pretended that she was with me and we bought new dinnerware so we could try out new and old favorite recipes from the food network. I love Jenn.

We also passed a Mac store and I thought of Markus and his great love of Mac computers. Maybe he and Jared would hang out in there while Jenn and I tore Potty Barn apart.

We strolled into Neiman Marcus. We didn't stay too long because we felt under-dressed. No, I'm serious. :) Jared picked out a nice pair of shoes. They were only $350 Prada basketball shoes. No biggie for us, i mean, you know we have that in our couch cushions. these shoes were the high-top basketball shoes with an alligator skin trim. Weird.
This was one of the only times i've ever been in a department store where no one asked me if I needed help as I was looking at all the perfumes. They weren't understaffed or anything, they were all dressed alike; pretty and shiny people that looked like they probably shopped there. I think they just knew we didn't need help because we couldn't afford to sniff the perfume! It was still fun.

They had a Nordstrom's too and maybe since Uncle Dale had taken me shopping there a few times I felt a little bit more like I belonged. I liked being there because it reminded me of Uncle Dale and the time when he gave me, Kevin, Lexi, and Caitlin gift cards and we had to spend them all in one day. It took me till the store was closing to accomplish this because I had a hard time spending any of it. I wanted to cash in my gift card to pay bills, but it doesn't work that way. Lexi burnt through her gift card pretty fast and then spent more on top of it. Kevin, I think, went over a little as well, but he got some great stuff. Caitlin didn't do too bad. I think she might have stayed within budget. I bought really nice makeup and a great pair a boots that I still have and wear. I miss them.

They also had more affordable venues such as Aeropostale, Bath and Body Works, and your typical mall fair such as NY&Co. (I got a pair of much needed sunglasses for $8.50), American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Dillards, Macy's, etc...

We'll definitely go back there. If not to buy, then to dream.

Friday I also checked out the Alamo Quarry Market. That was pretty neat. They have a Whole Foods, a bunch of restaurants, a Border's Books, an Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and a slew of boutiques and specialty shops.

I didn't buy anything, but again, its fun to pretend.


Erika said...

Look at you all blogging and stuff! Go you.
How ya feeling?

aidanjordan said...

Isn't the world of shopping amazing once you step outside Louisiana? You never knew there was so much out there, huh? :)

Jenn said...

That shopping center sounds awesome. We so have to go there when Markus and I come visit. Oh did you get the Crate & Barrel pkg?? Thinking back on it, I should've gotten you one of those PB books. Man, duh! Which was your favorite?? We miss yall too!

Jesse M said...

Wow, sounds like an awesome adveture! I wonder if alligator skin makes the basketball players jump higher? That must be their secret! I should get some! Haha!

Jesse M said...

P.S. this is Cherie' who just so happens to be logged on as Jesse. I need to log into my side of the computer next time!

Devri said...

that sounds like a place for me! i wish i could afford it! i would love to check it time i make it out to texas! ;)

Becca Queen of Chaos said...
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Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Boo for the Cortana-like mall. Hooray for fun little shops and the uber fancy mall. So, when are we goin' shoppin'? ;-)

Lexi, Troy and Peyton said...

Whoa- you know Aidan? What a small world! :-0