Saturday, April 19, 2008

retail exploration, bubbles, and home

Today we decided to go to the mall. We had to drive about 20 minutes to get there, but we thought it would be worth it. Ugh. Reminded me of Cortana. All my Baton Rouge peeps will understand that comment. Luckily, there is bountiful shopping opportunities close to our apartment that don't involve shady asian massage parlors and skanky ghetto clothing stores. Maybe we'll give another mall a try some other day.

When Sadie wakes from her nap we're going to go explore a little more. I think we'll take her to Stone Oak park first so she can run around a bit. Maybe we'll bring bubbles. Bubbles are her new thing. She brings them to me and says: "bubba? bow! wffff....wffff..." The other day i decided to let her try blowing the bubbles herself. She immediately put the bubble wand into her mouth. I thought that she would be upset about the taste, but rather she looked up at me and blew a bubble straight out of her mouth. "Good job, Sadie!", I said with a little laugh. She sure does make my day.

Being here in a new and foreign place with Jared and Sadie helped me understand all the more that they are my home. I'm never alone. They depend on me and I depend on them. We are binded and woven together in a way that makes me feel safe and loved. Knowing that makes life familiar and beautiful.


jessica & co. said...

why do little kids love to EAT bubbles so much?

aidanjordan said...

Oh yes...Cortana. We made that mistake one Friday night when we lived in BR for a brief moment in time after Katrina.

Jamie said...

Allison did the same thing when I tried to let her blow. She knows how to blow her food when it's hot so I thought she'd really like blowing bubbles herself. Nope, she just stuck it straight in her mouth then frowned and gave it back. That's funny that Sadie "blew" a bubble herself.

wackyjackie said...

Which mall did you go to? There are good ones!